Hand Pipes

Glass pipes are one of the most flexible and comfortable ways to smoke dry herb. Glass pipes perform well for virtually any situation, whether you are smoking at home or on the go since they need nothing more than a lighter.

We have several unique pipes made from other materials, including ceramic and wood, but a glass hand pipe (often called a "bowl") is the most common choice. These classic pipes provide your preferred weed with a smooth, reliable way to smoke, and are usually small enough to fit in your pocket.

Hand pipes are manufactured in a few ways, and there are nearly endless color, pattern, and size variations among those forms. For hand pipes, the most common shapes are:

Spoon - The most common hand pipe alternative is spoon pipes, thanks to their streamlined profile and ergonomics.

Steamroller - Steamrollers are better at delivering bigger hits with limited materials using a wide, front-facing carb hole (instead of a side-mounted carb hole on a spoon). Beginners sometimes find "harsh" steamrollers on the throat, but you'll learn to modulate the carb for the exact amount of air you need with a bit of practice.

Sherlock - These ubiquitous pipes are aptly named after Sherlock Holmes, the famed detective. These are just plain fun to carry and add to every set with their long, vertical grasp. There is a flat base of some Sherlocks that helps them to stand erect, keeping the herbs from falling out.

Chillum - These straight tube pipes are illuminated from the front and do not have a carb aperture, easily the shortest and easiest style for a hand pump. Some chillums fit well with "dugouts," which are wood or metal boxes of pocket size designed to hold herbs and a chillum.

Glass Blunt - Glass blunts have an expandable, sliding herb chamber to pack as much or as little as you like, a more modern take on the traditional chillum.

Bubbler - These combination pipes blend a hand pipe's compact and lightweight size with a water pipe's clean and smooth water filtration.

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"Rocky Ring" Fumed Sherlock Bubbler
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Don't let this sherlock bubbler's exterior fool you, with a naturally aspirated bubbler chamber and divisional airflow at the mouthpice you're guaranteed a clean enjoyable smoking session that many other sherlock pipes can't provide! The ring mouthpiece also makes for...