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Hand pipes are simple tools that help make smoking easier and more enjoyable, but there's no reason why they should stay simple. With hundreds of options to choose from, our collection of hand pipes consists of products as simple or as ornate as you might like. If you're more into the artistic design of the blown glass, we have products for you. If your style is more about functionality than looks, you're in the right place as well.

From amateurs to veterans, hand pipes are the most common tool one might use for smoking. You'll likely encounter a hand pipe in any smoker's house, typically right on the coffee table. If your hand pipe is going to be on display, why not make it the center piece? Our collection of pipes consists of some of the most intricate glass designs and some crazy set-ups. Find the perfect hand pipe for you today with our collection of hundreds of options.Β 

Why Choose a Hand Pipe?

Hand pipes are the most common choice of smoking tool for a reason. They're typically small, easy to use, and affordably priced. Other tools can get quite expensive after a while and the lower cost options might not be a good as the heavier-duty choices. With a hand pipe, you're getting many of the same benefits as larger tools with an easier process and more affordable price tag.Β 

The process of using a hand pipe is as easy as packing it and lighting a flame underneath. Two steps, breathe, and you're done. No need to roll it up, hold the burning end away from you, remove the glass piece, etc. Simply pack, burn, and blow! You can eliminate the mess that comes from rolling a joint and still experience the same high.

With the lower prices of a hand pipe, it's easier to afford the more ornate options. Many glassblowers love to customize and decorate hand pipes down to the smallest details. Now, you have access to these insane pieces of art and can place them in your home as a talking point. Our collection of hand pipes has many different styles and designs to choose from to help you find the perfect pipe for you.

Different Materials, Different Styles

Hand pipes come in a surprising amount of materials and styles. Your basic hand pipe will be the glass tube with a bowl at the end β€” artists might put their own spin on this, but this is the most common style you'll find. Some pipes are made out of silicone which is a fantastic way to cut out the burn marks that many glass pipes are plagued with. The silicone is easier to handle as well.

Some artists take extreme leaps of creativity on their pipes and make intricate designs while keeping the basic formula of a hand pipe. Some products can resemble ice cream cones or coffee mugs with an upright nature to them. Don't worry, they still host the basic functions of a hand pipe but with crazy artistic choices. Our collection has hand pipes of all styles, materials, and sizes.


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