For the everyday flower smoker, herb grinders are essential tools. A steady grind is vital for the best smoke, whether you're rolling up, packing a bowl in your beloved bong or filling up a pocket spoon.

Grinders often allow smokers to make the best of their products. Pollen and other plant matter will adhere to your fingertips while taking the herb apart by hand, decreasing its potency. All of the plant matter is trapped inside the chamber by using a grinder, and several versions have a screen to capture every last molecule so that you can appreciate your stash's full potential.


Why is a grinder used?

For its many advantages, many smokers want to invest in buying a grinder. Grinders are primarily meant for use with dry herbs, as dry herbs have to be isolated to allow better combustion.

Instead of thoroughly grinding them, often smokers would start by picking herbs apart, which may decrease potency as the pollen and plant matter can also adhere to their fingertips.

You can sprinkle your dry herbs into your bowl with maximum strength by thoroughly grinding herbs, and pack them closer to allow for improved airflow and greater control over how easily your bowl can burn.

Grinders' parts

The multi-piece grinder, which uses many parts that connect to create an area for grinding and storage, is the most common type of grinder. These grinders are considered by many smokers to be the most effective for the extra storage space and can vary according to size and diameter. Typically, these grinders have a top grinding space with several teeth that can be twisted to grind herbs thoroughly, and tiny holes to allow the herbs to fall into the storage space. Some grinders have an automatic grinding type that can grind herbs with the easy press of a button, while shredder cards are best for fast on-the-go use, similar to a cheese grater.

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3.0" (75mm) 3 Piece Wooden Grinder
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Made from solid rosewood, this grinder is as beautiful as it is functional. The internal steel pins are strong enough to grind any aromatic blend. Holes in the center chamber ensure your herb falls through after reaching the perfect consistence,...