RIO Makeover Portable Rig & Case - Blue Mix
 Stache products again improves on-the-go dabbing.  Vast majority of portable devices these days are electrical and utilize coil heating procedures, which makes you exposed to a dead battery, a burnt-out coil, and you're out of luck.  The Rio Makeover has...
$373.99 $272.99
Sidecar Silicone Rig - Creature Green
The Eyce Sidecar really breaks the barrier between both glass and silicone and also sets the stage for the best rig. The rotating neck makes it possible for users to correct their rig to fit their vibe, creating a personalized...
$112.99 $81.99
Trailer Park Boys Julian Water Pipe
Here's The Plan "A mans gotta eat" or in this instance smoke and the boys from Sunnyvale have you covered. This 12" straight tube waterpipe features the self proclaimed brains of the bunch Julian and his iconic rum & coke...
$208.99 $151.99
Walnut Wood Accented Beaker Bong
The Marley Natural Walnut Wood Accented Beaker is hand crafted to perfection. Positioned 12 inches in height, this waterpipe is designed, from the mouthpiece, the hidden 3 pinch ice catcher, Thick 18mm to 14mm ringed downstem, and Walnut wood reinforced...
$305.99 $223.99
"Burmëse" Water Pipe
Introducing Burmëse who can only be described as breathtaking. This is the centerpiece that you've been waiting for. Whether she's the commanding focal point of your home decor or the life of your cannabis party, you can't lose when you...
$407.99 $297.99
Smoked Series Beaker Water Pipe
The Marley Natural brand now has a second high quality glass line in their series of excellent smoking devices. All of these new glass products feature tinted, "Smoked" glass with fine gold accents. All the pieces in the Smoked Series...
$357.99 $261.99
Sip Series Martini Shaker
The Grav Labs Sip Series is a collection of water pipes designed in the style of beverage vessels you may drink from every day, but never thought you'd smoke out of. All of the pieces in this collection are made...
$156.99 $113.99
Silicone Nectar Collector - Fuego
Eyce's Silicone Nectar Collector includes a built-in storage jar, also detachable titanium nail making it ideal for dabbing on the go. Produced from nickel cured silicone with a multi-perc chamber system, this is also the simplest honey straw to wash...
$66.99 $48.99
Silicone Bubbler Rig - Rifle Camo
Eyce's Silicone Bubbler Rig is a fantastic piece for carrying on-the-go. It's built-in storage, located underneath the rig, which can hold your concentrates. Even better, this rig has 4 more slots. These slots are intended for carrying dabbing tools. To...
$74.99 $54.99
Eggplant Honey Straw
Empire Glassworks line of 6" glass nectar collector honey straws are handmade in the USA, and add a bit more flavor to your dabbing encounter with entertaining and attractive designs. This straw is motivated by the hot and suggestive eggplant...
$58.99 $42.99
Mini Honey Straw Nectar Collector Set
The Mini Honey Straw Nectar Collector Set is easy to use. The initial step is to assemble the pieces, then fill your system with water for filtration. There are just two pieces that have to get connected to the body...
$74.99 $54.99
"Rose" Water Pipe - Ivory
Gift a Rose that will last forever. The "Rose" Water Pipe has beauty from head to toe, while also being a fully functional bong. With an expertly made grommet style joint, the conveniently included 2.5" bowl slide fits snugly, making...
$138.99 $100.99
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