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Bongs Under $100

Bongs Under $100

What's more enjoyable than sitting back with your friends, a couple of snacks, watching a movie, and passing around a bong? There's nothing more relaxing than having that glass piece in your hands, ready to go. With over hundreds of options to choose from, we have your back when it comes to finding your perfect bong. Our collection of products will help point you in the right direction to finding the bong for you. 

From heavy-duty bongs to bongs for less than $50, we have the products you're looking for. We have some of the best quality products available for any avid smoker. Whether you're just starting out or you've been smoking for years, there's a perfect bong for you. You can filter based on price to find high quality bongs over $100, or more affordable ones for less than $50. With our collection of bong options, you'll never be without choice.

The Benefits of a Bong

Bongs are one of the most popular and most effective methods of smoking as countless people are beginning to switch over to them as their tool of choice. With a bong comes many benefits other tools don't experience. For one, with your typical joint, you won't have to worry about rolling up a bong. It's easy to make a mess with a spliff or a joint, but with a bong, the simple packing procedure helps prevent any spill. 

Another benefit comes from the water found in the base of the bong. For many smoking tools, the smoke inhaled can be dirty and difficult to take. With a bong, the water keeps the smoke clean and pure making it easier to smoke and inhale. Bongs are a better way to smoke and a more effective process with much less spill. 

We Sell Bongs for All Budgets

Our shop includes bongs of varying quality and pricing. Bongs under $50 are still of incredible quality and offer exceptional features and beautiful craftsmanship. Bongs for under $100 will be of slightly higher quality and will host more ornate structures and elaborate glass designs. Regardless of the price option you seek out, we can guarantee quality and dependability.

Heavy duty bongs are also available for those who are more avid smokers. Anyone looking for a bigger piece with more features and more intense glassblowing details will also be more than welcome here with plenty of products available to suit your needs. No matter the price or style of bong you're looking for, we have the collection to match your desires.

Smoking from a bong doesn't need to be an exclusive activity that only those with money and prior knowledge can partake in. Simple bongs are available for those who are tight on a budget and are still learning how it all works. For the artist who is interested in the design, we've got you covered. For the avid smoker who wants a unique smoking experience, we've got your back. Our collection is packed with hundreds of unique and high-quality bongs that will make your evening of smoking great.


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