Trailer Park Boys Julian Water Pipe
Here's The Plan "A mans gotta eat" or in this instance smoke and the boys from Sunnyvale have you covered. This 12" straight tube waterpipe features the self proclaimed brains of the bunch Julian and his iconic rum & coke...
$208.99 $151.99
Walnut Wood Accented Beaker Bong
The Marley Natural Walnut Wood Accented Beaker is hand crafted to perfection. Positioned 12 inches in height, this waterpipe is designed, from the mouthpiece, the hidden 3 pinch ice catcher, Thick 18mm to 14mm ringed downstem, and Walnut wood reinforced...
$305.99 $223.99
"Burmëse" Water Pipe
Introducing Burmëse who can only be described as breathtaking. This is the centerpiece that you've been waiting for. Whether she's the commanding focal point of your home decor or the life of your cannabis party, you can't lose when you...
$407.99 $297.99
Smoked Series Beaker Water Pipe
The Marley Natural brand now has a second high quality glass line in their series of excellent smoking devices. All of these new glass products feature tinted, "Smoked" glass with fine gold accents. All the pieces in the Smoked Series...
$357.99 $261.99
Sip Series Martini Shaker
The Grav Labs Sip Series is a collection of water pipes designed in the style of beverage vessels you may drink from every day, but never thought you'd smoke out of. All of the pieces in this collection are made...
$156.99 $113.99
"Rose" Water Pipe - Ivory
Gift a Rose that will last forever. The "Rose" Water Pipe has beauty from head to toe, while also being a fully functional bong. With an expertly made grommet style joint, the conveniently included 2.5" bowl slide fits snugly, making...
$138.99 $100.99
"Rachel" Water Pipe
Prim and proper, the "Rachel" Water Pipe is like many of My Bud Vase products. The beauty entrances you while the high functionality is a surprise. With pink porcelain throughout the bong and white relief flower accents, "Rachel" is stunning....
$105.99 $76.99
"Phoebe" Water Pipe
With its quirky and beautiful yellow porcelain body, "Phoebe" will provide you with plenty of relief. The worked relief flower accents also help sooth you just by looking at them. These flowers are porcelain as well. Very similar in shape...
$104.99 $75.99
"Monica" Water Pipe
The "Monica" Water Pipe from My Bud Vase is as clean and precise as a bong can get. Made of white porcelain, this bong can easily be made to look like an actual vase. This is because it once was...
$105.99 $76.99
"Coyōté" Water Pipe
Wander more, be curious, and seek out your adventurous side. The "Coyōté" Water Pipe from My Bud Vase allows you to break free from the ordinary. Deceptively clever with a desert like feel and look, "Coyōté" is here to guide...
$165.99 $120.99
"Aurora" Water Pipe
Like the goddess herself, the"Aurora" Water Pipe has brought on a new dawn for the successful family of Bud Vase solutions. As with all My Bud Vase's elegant and unique bongs,"Aurora" is high class glass. The one difference between this...
$195.99 $142.99
Heavy Duty Beaker Bong
The Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker bong is made of medical grade 7mm thick borocilicate glass hand crafted in the USA. The long neck of this 14" beaker features a rounded mouthpiece and a three pinch ice catcher, providing a...
$223.99 $163.99
8" Basic Beaker Bong - black
This 8" Basic Beaker Bong from Diamond Glass has the classic beaker design and is the perfect size for moderate bong rips. The mouthpiece comes in your choice of color: black, blue, teal and topaz. The tube features a black...
$91.99 $66.99
Fixed Downstem Mini Beaker - jade
This little beaker is the perfect size for any smoker, allowing for larger or smaller hits, the choice is entirely yours. The double maria rings on the 14mm male bowl included, provide easy grip when you rip this bong. The...
$91.99 $66.99
14" UFO Perc Beaker - blue
This 14" 5mm thick beaker is perfect for a regular smoker, the definition of a "daily driver". Dual chamber with a beautiful cross-hatched matrix ufo perc, and 3 pinch ice catcher for additional cooling, this bong is definitely worth the...
$216.99 $157.99
13" Classic Beaker Bong - white
Diamond Glass's 13" Classic Beaker Bong has the reliable, sturdy design you are looking for in your basic beaker. The piece features a gold decal on the tube and black or white mouthpieces. The tube includes a classic ice pinch...
$144.99 $105.99
13" Classic Straight Tube - white
Diamond Glass has a 13" Classic Straight Tube that's essential for your smoke supplies. It comes with a choice of black or white color mouthpiece/base and a gold decal right below on the tube. It features a classic ice pinch...
$165.99 $120.99
15" Black Collared Beaker Bong - Blue
This beaker bong out of Diamond Glass includes a distinctive black, collared emphasis on the neck across the ice catcher that matches the mouthpiece. The tube consists of a decal along the span. This 5mm bong is 15" tall, also...
$182.99 $132.99
Christmas Tree Bong
Nothing represents a smoker's love of the holidays like toking out of the top of a Christmas tree. The Christmas Tree Bong has themed glass throughout its small stature. The entire mouthpiece is a Christmas tree complete with different color...
$105.99 $76.99
Rocket Ship Bong
Empire Glassworks might have started in 2013, but their artists and owners have more than 40 years experience when it comes to glassblowing and it shows with this piece. This intricate rocket ship themed bong with galaxy bowl is truly...
$832.99 $607.99
Hot Sauce Bong
Looking to give your bong collection a little kick? The Hot Sauce Bong from Empire Glassworks is a perfect replica of a Sriracha bottle, even down to the red body and green cap/mouthpiece. This tasty water pipe has a banger...
$326.99 $238.99
Cookie Monster Sundae Mini Bong
Like all Empire Glassworks products, this bong features extreme detailing from top to bottom. Pointing out of the top of the Cookie Monster Sundae Mini Bong is a waffle cone style straw which acts as the mouthpiece. This long mouthpiece...
$340.99 $248.99
Panda Family Mini Bong
What is better than a cute panda? A whole family of them! With the Empire Glassworks Panda Family Mini Bong, you get a total of five worked glass panda bears along with a yin-yang symbol and bamboo. Three pandas can...
$216.99 $157.99
Classic 6-Arm Tree Perc Beaker
This 12" tree perc water pipe from Nucleus is a super smooth hitter thanks to its 6-arm tree percolator. With thick glass, an ice-catcher, a tree perc, and a diffused downstem, this pipe has it all. Decal style and color...
$197.99 $144.99
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